Welcome to Morinda Sugar

  • Facilities to cane growers

    - Pesticides/Insecticides required for soil and seed treatment are being provided to cane growers at 25% subsidy.

    - Trenchers are being provided for cane cultivation by sowing of sugarcane by Trench method on 25% subsidy.

    - Crop loan of Rs.15000/- per acre is being advanced through the branches of State bank of India on 7% interest.


    S No. Tender Name Description Publish Date Due Date Download
    1All TendersSupply Items & Contract Items2017-05-232017-06-14
    2All TendersSupply Items & Contract Items2017-05-232017-06-15
    3All tendersSupply Items and Contract Jobs2017-06-212017-07-06
    4All tendersSupply Items and Contract Jobs2017-07-122017-07-26
    5Repair of Power TransformerRepair of Power Transformer, Rating: 1500 KV A, Voltatge Ratio: 11 KV-440 V, Vector Symbol: DY 112017-08-182017-08-28
    6Notice for Share HoldersRegarding Share Money2017-08-192017-09-19
    7Tender for the Season 2017-18Contract & Supply Items2017-08-192017-09-05
    8Tender for the Season 2017-18Terms & Conditions 2017-08-192017-09-05
    9Tender for the Season 2017-18Contract Items2017-09-272017-10-10
    10Tender for the Season 2017-18Supply Items2017-09-272017-10-10
    11Tender for the Season 2017-18Sale of Press Mud2017-09-272017-10-10
    12Tender for the Season 2017-18Contract Items2017-10-122017-10-24
    13Tender for the Season 2017-18Supply Items2017-10-122017-10-24
    14Tender for the Season 2017-18Sale of Press Mud2017-10-122017-10-24
    15Tender for the Season 2017-18Tender for Supply Items2017-12-192017-12-26
    16Tender for the Season 2017-18Supply Items2017-12-222017-12-26
    17Group-AAll Supply and Contract items2018-05-152018-06-11
    18Group-BAll Supply and Contract items2018-05-152018-06-11
    19Group-AAll Supply Items and Contract Jobs2018-05-152018-06-11
    20Group-BAll Supply Items and Contract Jobs2018-05-152018-06-11
    21Group-AAll Supply Items and Contract Jobs2018-05-152018-06-11
    22Tenders for Crushing Season 2018-19Supply Items & Contract jobs.2018-06-202018-07-10
    23All TendersAll Supply Items and Contract Jobs2018-08-082018-08-27
    24All TendersAll Supply Items and Contract Jobs2018-08-082018-08-27
    25Tender for Crushing Season 2018-19Sale of Press Mud2018-09-082018-09-24
    26Tenders for Crushing Season 2018-19All Supply and Contract items2018-09-082018-09-24
    27Tenders for Crushing Season 2018-19NIT for Sugar Bag Handling e-Tender2018-09-082018-09-24
    28Tenders for Crushing Season 2018-19All Supply and Contract items2018-09-292018-10-16
    29Tenders for Crushing Season 2018-19All Supply and Contract items2018-10-242018-10-31
    30Sale of Fresh Loose bagasse Bagasse2019-01-082019-01-21
    31Contract JobCivil Work2019-02-152019-02-23
    32Tender dated 12.04.2019Contract Jobs2019-03-282019-04-12
    33Sale of BagasseSale of Bagasse2019-04-242019-05-08
    34Covering PageTenders for Supply & Contract Jobs 2019-202019-06-152019-07-01
    35Supply Items Group-ANotice Inviting tenders for Group-A2019-06-152019-07-01
    36Supply Items Group-BNotice Inviting tenders for Group-B2019-06-152019-07-01
    37Contract Jobs Group-CNotice Inviting tenders for Group-C2019-06-152019-07-01
    38Terms & Conditions Group-A2019-06-152019-07-01
    39Terms & Conditions Group-B2019-06-152019-07-01
    40Boiler Refractory WorksGroup-C2019-06-152019-07-01
    41Sale of Press MudNotice Inviting tender for Sale of Press Mud2019-06-152019-07-01
    42Covering PageTenders for Supply & Contract Jobs 2019-202019-07-062019-07-17
    43Group-ANotice Inviting tenders for Group-A2019-07-062019-07-17
    44Sale of Press MudSale of Press Mud2019-07-052019-07-17
    45Supply Items and Contract JobsAll Tender2019-08-142019-08-27
    46Covering PageTenders for Contract Jobs 2019-202019-09-192019-10-03
    47Contract Jobs Dismantling, Fabrication & Erection2019-09-192019-10-03
    48Contract Jobs Loading & Un-loading of Store Material2019-09-192019-10-03
    49Contract Jobs Scrapping, Washing of Boiling House2019-09-192019-10-03
    50Sale ItemSale of Press Mud2019-09-192019-10-03
    51Contract JobSkilled and Unskilled Manpower2019-09-142019-10-04
    52Sale of Sugar Sale of Sugar 2019-11-142019-11-14